Instantly apply a pre-defined template to all open charts.
LMBFTemplateSync is a script that allows you to quickly apply an existing template to all currently open charts. To use the script, follow the procedure below.
  • Ensure the template you want to apply exists and check what number it is in the list of templates shown in the menu. In the diagram below, the template called "3. Syncing objects" is the third item in the list.
    • ​
The templates menu
Note: I like to precede the name of each of my templates with a number so that they display in a defined order and it is easy to identify what number they are in the list.
  • Drag the script "LMBFTemplateSync" onto the chart so that the properties window opens.
LMBFTemplateSync properties
  • Change the iTemplateIndex to the numbered item of the template in the list and click OK. In the above example, to select the template "3. Syncing objects", enter the value 3 correlating to the third template in the list.
The template selected will then be applied to all open charts in the terminal.