Tile multiple charts for different time frames of the same symbol on your screen. Then have the symbol on all charts automatically change whenever you change the symbol of one chart.
A common requirement for traders is to see different time frames for the same symbol side-by-side on their terminal. This allows them to see what price is doing in the big picture (e.g. the daily time frame), whilst also seeing the more detailed price action on their trading time frame (e.g. H4 time frame).
Native Metatrader 4 does not have any synchronisation of charts across the same symbol. Therefore, if you have three different time frames displayed on your chart, each time you want to see a different symbol, you need to change each of the charts individually. This can be slow and frustrating when you want to glance through different symbols quickly whilst viewing multiple time frames. Other trading terminals typically include this functionality, albeit at a price.
Add the LMBFSymbolSync indicator to each chart that is displaying the same symbol but different timeframe and changing the symbol in any one chart will automatically update the symbol in all the other charts as well.

Setting up the Indicator

Follow these steps to have multiple charts always displaying the same symbol
  1. 1.
    Open up charts in your terminal for each time frame you are interested in and arrange them on your screen as needed.
  2. 2.
    Ensure the Navigation window is open (CTRL-N) and find the LMBFSymbolSync under the list of custom indicators.
  3. 3.
    Drag and drop the indicator into each open chart, one by one. Each time you drop the indicator on a chart, the symbol of all other charts that already have the indicator loaded will change to the symbol of the last chart loaded with the indicator.
Once the indicator is installed, pressing the X key will toggle a crosshair on and of. This will also appear synchronised across all charts with the LMBFSymbolSync indicator installed.
Recommended: Use LMBFSymbolSync in conjunction with indicators LMBFDraw, LMBFTrends, LMBFObjectSync and LMBFPositionSize.
Basic Tip: It is useful to set up a template including this and any other indicators you wish to add to a chart on a frequent basis. The template can quickly be applied to each open chart as required.
Basic Tip: It is easy to quickly change the symbol in a chart with the focus by pressing either <enter> or <space bar> on your keyboard and then entering the required symbol.
Advanced Tip: Profiles have always been of limited use when using the standard version of Metatrader 4 and are commonly ignored by users. However, MT4-Tools gives them a whole new lease of life. With LMBFSymbolSync, a single profile can be set up to display multiple time frames of a chosen symbol with minimal effort.
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