Tile multiple charts for different time frames of the same symbol on your screen and automatically see any object appear on one chart appear on all other charts of the same or lower time frame.

Traders often want to see multiple charts open on their charts, where each one displays a different time frame for the same symbol. This allows them to see what price is doing in the big picture, as well as the detail on smaller trading time frames.

In doing this, traders also like to see trend lines, support and resistance lines and other objects appear on all the charts as they are drawn. There is no easy way of doing this with native Metatrader 4, the only alternative being to manually copy the graphical objects between charts.

The LMBFObjectSync indicator ensures that graphical objects drawn on one chart are instantly seen on all other charts showing the same symbol, regardless of their time frame. This means a support line added to the daily chart is also visible on the H4 chart. If any of the objects are moved, updated or deleted, these changes are also replicated between all the charts.

Setting Up The Indicator

Follow these steps to have multiple charts of different symbols always displaying the same graphical objects.

  • Open up one chart for each time frame you wish to display on the terminal and arrange these as required.

  • Ensure each chart is displaying the same symbol and the required time frame (see how LMBFSymbolSync indicator can make this easier).

  • Attach the LMBFObjectSync indicator to each of the open charts.

Once set up, any changes to graphical objects on one chart (adding, editing, moving, deleting) should be replicated across all charts with this indicator attached.

Note: With this indicator installed, pressing the "H" key on your keyboard will temporarily hide all graphical objects on all linked charts, leaving just raw price action and indicators. Pressing the "H" key again will once again display the objects again.