Remembers all the objects drawn on a chart so that they magically reappear even after either closing the chart or applying a new template. Gives an easy way to draw horizontal support and resistance.
LMBFDraw is an indicator that provides functionalities around drawing objects on charts. Capabilities of this indicator include the following:
  • Any chart with the LMBFDraw indicator attached to it "remembers" details of all graphical objects on the chart, meaning:
    • When a chart with the indicator is closed, all objects on that chart will reappear next time that same chart is opened.
    • When a template is applied to the chart, all objects previously on the chart will still be present.
  • Placing your cursor over a candle and clicking the left button of your mouse whilst holding the shift or ctrl keys will add a horizontal trend line, snapping to the closest of either the top or bottom of the candle being hovered over.
    • Hold the shift key down whilst left-clicking your mouse to draw a solid line.
    • Hold the ctrl key down whilst left-clicking your mouse to draw a dashed line.
Note: When clicking the left button, if the mouse cursor is above the middle of the candle, the horizontal trend line will be drawn from the high price of the candle. Otherwise, it will be drawn from the low price of the candle.
  • Hold the shift key while pressing the "D" key on your keyboard and all graphical objects will immediately be removed from your chart (use with caution as no further warning is provided).
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