Metatrader 4 - Tools and Utilities

This document summarises the functionality of my go-to Metatrader 4 tools and utilities that I have developed for everyday use in my own personal trading. Contact [email protected] for details.
Use LMBFPesist with LMBFWatchlist for better results
When using the watchlist indicator, to avoid issues with lines from one symbol appearing on a different symbols charts (a Metatrader quirk), use LMBFPersist to manage the objects behind t scenes ensuring that only objects for the correct symbol appear on the chart at any one time.
****** LMBFObjectSync replaced by LMBFPersist****
LMBFPersist replaces LMBFObjectSync. It includes the same functionality of replicating objects across charts. It also has other benefits in that it keeps a record of all chart objects by symbol in the back ground and can use this to redraw the objects when the indicator is placed on any other chart, even in a different profile. Purchase here
************ NEWS FLASH 12 May 2021 ************
The new version of LMBF Watchlist (v5 ) has just been released. This now allows you to quickly navigate between using the same watchlists across all the different time frames. For example, set your trend indicators independently on daily, weekly and H4 charts, color code your favourite pairs for each time frame and then move seamlessly between the different timeframes using arrows on the charts.
Purchase the latest version of the LMBF watchlist here for just AU $50
**** Trading Courses Now Available ***
Learn how to trade the markets the right way and find your way to consistent profitability. More about trading courses recommended by MT4-Tools can be found here.
************NEWS FLASH 25 April 2021************
I have just released the LMBF Shift Sync indicator. Purchase this tool here
Add this utility indicator to each of a group of charts displayed on your terminal. Then, whenever you scroll one chart, all the others will scroll to display candles for the same point in time.
A vertical line assists with making it easy to compare price action at the same point in time on different charts. There are two obvious examples where this can be used.
First, when multiple charts for the same symbol but different time frames are displayed on your screen and you wish to compare the price action in one timeframe against the price action on a higher or lower timeframe at the same point in time without manually having to scroll each chart.
Second, when multiple charts for different symbols but the same time frames are displayed on your screen and you want to compare the price action at a point in time for those different symbols. For example, you may have charts for all EUR pairs and you want to see which other currency the EUR is performing best against at a specific time. Once again, this utility means the candles displayed on each chart are all synchronised to the same point in time.
This utility can be purchased directly on this link. Once payment is made, the utility will be emailed to you immediately.
************NEWS FLASH 15 April 2021************
The Metatrader 4 watchlist tool has been updated to provide new functionality, including the ability for adding short comments to each of the symbols in your watchlists. Still available from this link for just AU $40. Check out the latest video below to get an overview of changes in the new release.
************NEWS FLASH 13 Dec 2020************
My new watchlist tool for Metatrader 4 has now been released and is available to purchase at this link at a special time-limited price of AU $40. See the video below for a quick demonstration of its capabilities.
Any questions or requests for further details can be emailed to [email protected]
************NEWS FLASH 26 Oct 2020************
My new trade planning and management tool are now available for purchase on this link at a special bundle price of AUD $50 (includes both trade planner and trade executor). Only available at this low price for a limited time.
Alternatively, check out the MQL5 market place
See the latest video below for an overview. Email [email protected] for further information. Please email [email protected] if you would like to trial for a few days first.
The following is a summary of the functionality of each of the Metatrader 4 tools and utilities that can be purchased as an MT4-Tools starter kit. Further details and links to video demonstrations can be found under the respective pages later in this document.
Each of the tools has been designed to be simple to use, thereby minimising time using Metatrader and increasing the time available to analyse charts and trade the markets.
The tools available will be added to over time, so please come back to regularly


  • LMBFPositionSize -
    • Use "Tab" + left click with the mouse to draw a rectangle on your chart where the top and bottom represent a prospective trade's entry and stop-loss levels. Instantly, the position size for the specified risk of your account balance is calculated and displayed at the bottom right of the rectangle.
    • Change the height of the rectangle and it will automatically update the position size for that trade, based on the adjusted trade entry and stop-loss positions.
    • See the lot size change in realtime as the spread changes.
    • Change the percentage risk and account balance that you want used in the calculation.
    • Close a chart with this indicator and then watch it remember all the graphical objects that existed on the chart next time you open the chart for the same symbol.
    • Apply a new template to the chart without losing all the support and resistance lines or other graphical objects that you have just drawn.
    • Have a way to Instantly copy all the graphical objects on the active chart to all other open charts for the same symbol.
    • Left-click a candle on a chart whilst holding the shift key down to draw a colour coded (according to time frame), solid horizontal trend line starting from either the high or low of the candle, depending on whether you clicked above or below the mid-point of the candle.
    • Left-click a candle on a chart whilst holding the ctrl key down to draw a colour coded (according to time frame), dashed horizontal trend line starting from either the high or low of the candle, depending on whether you clicked above or below the mid-point of the candle.
    • Delete all the graphical objects on the active chart with a single keypress.
  • LMBFWatchlist
    • Adding an unlimited number of watchlists with names of your choice
    • See watchlists instantly synchronise across all open charts that have the indicator attached.
    • Dynamically change the spacing between rows to account for your screen resolution
    • Quickly tab through each of your watchlists on the chart
    • Add and remove symbols with a single mouse click or the press of a keyboard button.
    • Add and remove symbols in any list to your "favourites"
    • Quickly identify the current chart's symbol in your list or any symbols already added to "favourites"
    • Auto-populate watchlists with pre-defined criteria, including:
      • All available symbols from your broker
      • Major currency pairs
      • All symbols from the current time frame where the previously completed candle is a pin bar.
    • Delete old watchlists no longer being used.
    • New patterns for auto-populating pre-defined lists to be added.
  • LMBFTimeframeSync -
    • Analyse correlation between symbols by connecting multiple charts by time frame such that changing the period on one chart instantly changes the period on all the other linked charts at the same time.
    • See a vertical marker move across all open charts in sync, so you can compare price action of different symbols at the same instant in time.
  • LMBFSymbolSync -
    • View the big picture and the smaller timeframe simultaneously on your screen by connecting multiple charts on the symbol and having changes to the symbol on one chart instantly changes the symbol on all the other linked charts as well.
    • Use a cross-hair to pinpoint the same time and price point on charts showing different timeframes for the same symbol.
  • LMBFObjectSync -
    • Connect multiple charts of the same symbol together to automatically see changes to drawing objects on any one of the charts be instantly replicated to all the other linked charts. This includes creating, deleting, updating, resizing or moving of objects.
    • Instantly copy all previously existing graphical objects for the active chart to all other open charts of the same symbol where either this indicator or LMBFDraw has been attached.
    • Temporarily hide all objects on all linked charts leaving raw price action and indicators only. Then magically make them all reappear again in an instant.


  • LMBFTemplateSync -
    • Quickly and easily apply a pre-defined template to all charts currently open on your terminal.
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